Curettage After A 6 Week Miscarriage?

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Miscarriage is a condition of termination of pregnancy when the gestational age is less than 20 weeks. Symptoms experienced are blood that is sometimes accompanied by fluid or lumps of tissue such as jelly from the birth canal when young pregnancy can be in the form of spots or a lot, pain and cramps in the abdomen that can spread to the lower back. The cause of miscarriage is a disease suffered by mothers such as diabetes, kidney; fetal abnormalities; hormonal disorders in the mother; oabt consumed; abnormalities in the shape of the uterus.

The diagnosis of miscarriage can be made from a physical examination which should then be followed by an ultrasound examination to ascertain the type of miscarriage experienced, and can be supported by a pregnancy hormone check (HCG) where the normal level is 5 Miu / ml in pregnancy conditions will continue to increase until the peak at 13-16 weeks gestation, which is around 13,300 - 254,000 Miu / ml. In the condition of pregnancy hormone miscarriage will gradually decrease.

Some types of miscarriages that occur are

- Miscarriage that can be maintained (the fetus has not come out and the uterus is still closing but there are signs of bleeding) - in this type can still be maintained but the mother needs to lie down completely and supporting medicine
- Miscarriage is inevitable (the fetus has not come out but the uterus already looks open)
- Miscarriage is incomplete (part of the fetus has come out and the uterus is open)
- Complete miscarriage (all parts of the fetus have come out and the uterus is open)

Determination of the type by ultrasound examination is important for further management because in the type of miscarriage is unavoidable and incomplete, curettage is needed to clean up the remaining tissue either fetal tissue or placental tissue. Whereas for a complete miscarriage, there is no need for a curettage.

Further information can be seen in the following article: miscarriage

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