Cycling When Suffering From A Hamstring Injury?

Illustration of Cycling When Suffering From A Hamstring Injury?
Illustration: Cycling When Suffering From A Hamstring Injury?

Halloween doctor I want to ask. I have been hit by a knee hamstring injury that is quite painful. Can I ride a bicycle ?? And to reduce the pain? Thank you

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Hello Egi

When a person experiences a hamstring injury, physical activity using the foot should be avoided including cycling, and even patients are expected to have complete rest to avoid more severe injuries and to help the recovery process better.

Then when can someone go back to activities or sports ??? this again depends on how severe a hamstring injury occurs, but also the ability to recover / heal each individual is different so there is no exact count in the number of days when someone can do activities such as cycling. As for some of the things used to be a kind of benchmark that the recovery process goes well are: the affected part of the leg can be moved freely like a leg without a hamstring injury or as before, besides that the leg strength feels strong as if not injured, and if used walking or jumping does not feel painful. If you push yourself too much, even though the hamstring injury has not healed, it can cause back injury or heavier muscle damage

Some tips for reducing the pain of hamstring injuries are

Complete rest, to avoid new injuries or worsening conditions
Use assistive devices such as sticks so that the injured leg does not hold too heavy
Give a cold compress
Wrap with a bandage to reduce swelling that occurs
Take pain-reducing drugs such as paracetamol

Visit your doctor to get the right treatment based on the results of the examination carried out, because it is difficult to understand the actual conditions experienced by patients without seeing the condition and examine the patient directly. Because the condition of severe hamstring injuries may require special medical measures such as surgery or medical rehabilitation / physiotherapy efforts

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