Cyclo-progynova Drug

Illustration of Cyclo-progynova Drug
Illustration: Cyclo-progynova Drug

Doc, I haven’t had my period in 3 months. And I have seen a doctor, it turns out I have PCOS. And I was given the drug Cyclo Progynova. Can the drug be consumed for 16 years old?

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Hello Melda,

Thank you for the question.

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) occurs when the eggs in the ovary fail to mature completely, so that they fill with fluid and form cysts. Clinically, PCOS can make you experience irregular menstrual patterns. It could also, PCOS makes pain during menstruation feels very great, even fertility problems can also occur because of it.

PCOS is not yet the originator of course. However, most experts believe this condition occurs due to genetic factors and hormone disorders. Therefore, the main treatment for this disease is done by giving hormonal drugs, including as you mentioned.

Cyclo progynova is a drug with the active composition of estradiol and norgestrel. With this, the reproductive hormones in a woman's body can be regulated to be more balanced, and menstrual disorders improve. If there are indeed medical indications that require it, no problem giving this drug to women aged 16 years. But of course, the consumption of this drug alone is not enough to overcome your menstrual disorders. For more optimal results, you also need to balance the consumption of this drug by exercising discipline at least 30 minutes a day, multiply rest and relax so as not to stress, maintain your ideal body weight, be more diligent in eating fruits and vegetables, and also drink plenty of water.

If after undergoing treatment and discipline to do the steps above menstruation you still have not improved the pattern, do not hesitate to check yourself back to the doctor or obstetrician huh ..

I hope this helps.

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