Cyst And Hsg?

Illustration of Cyst And Hsg?
Illustration: Cyst And Hsg?

yesterday I was diagnosed with a 2.3cm cyst. and already doing HSG, this is the result n n-visible contrast fills the cavity and the two left fallobias are widened n-spill image on both tubes is bilateral non-patent with left hydrosalphing. n nand the analysis results my husband’s sperm n-oligoasthenoziisperm n n n is there still a chance to get pregnant naturally? n ask your doctor for advice on what is the best next course of action?

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Hello Evi

The presence of uterine cysts will not always interfere with fertility, because in fact some types of cysts will not interfere with fertility, while types of cysts that interfere with fertility include PCOS and endometrioma cysts. While the types of uterine cysts that do not interfere with fertility are functional cysts, dermoid cysts, and cystadenomas cysts.

From the results of HSG, it was found that there was hydrosalping on the left, which means that the canal was enlarged and filled with fluid, usually this happened because of infection in the body tract or it could also be due to pelvic inflammation, endometriois, to a history of surgery. Hydrosalping conditions on one side (left only) will reduce the chances of pregnancy, but the decrease is not as big as if hydrosalping occurs on both sides. However, this does not mean that someone with hydrosalping cannot get pregnant. Surgery is usually recommended to treat the hydrosalping condition, thereby increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Oligoasthenozoospermia is a condition in which the semen that is released contains only a few sperm cells, besides that the sperm cells also have poor movement. The existence of these 2 conditions in the produced semen will reduce the occurrence of pregnancy, but it needs to be reminded that it does not mean that it cannot be at all. The criteria for good semen to fertilize an egg are having a lot of sperm (more than 15 million sperm cells / 1ml of semen), having a normal shape (more than 30%), and being able to move forward well (more than 40 %). The condition of the sperm disorder must be assessed by an andrologist or fertility specialist to find out the cause of the disorder and to ensure that the production increases and the movement is good.

In addition to working according to the root cause of the low probability of pregnancy, several techniques such as insemination (inserting healthy sperm directly into the uterus through medical procedures) or through IVF can be an option.

Consult yourself and your husband to return to the obstetrician so that further assessment of your condition and your husband can be done, and plan a medical procedure or treatment which is most suitable for your condition and or your partner.

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