Cyst Drugs Are Not Dangerous For The Fetus?

Illustration of Cyst Drugs Are Not Dangerous For The Fetus?
Illustration: Cyst Drugs Are Not Dangerous For The Fetus? Bing

Good afternoon, I want to ask on April 1 yesterday I checked with the obstetrician for promil, but the doctor said I had a 2.6 cm cyst and said that if my menstrual blood had collected, my period would be coming, then I was given medicine and vitamins, after that I was late for my period about 1 week but I didn’t TP because the doctor said I was going to have my period, but my husband suggested TP on Monday yesterday, April 09 and the results were positive and until now I haven’t checked with the obstetrician again, what I want to ask is the medication that has been taking that long I consume the danger is not for the fetus and what action should I take if the TP result is positive, thank you

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Hello Inggar, in advance we wish you congratulations on your pregnancy

we need more information about the name or type of medicine given by the doctor.

Cysts are benign tumors that are covered by a membrane and filled with fluid. Cysts can grow anywhere, from muscles to ovaries. Cysts that grow around the ovaries are called ovarian cysts, there are two types of cysts, namely physiological cysts and pathological cysts.

Physiological cysts are normal things that occur due to the effects of hormonal changes during menstruation, and do not require special treatment because they will disappear by themselves. while pathological cysts are cysts that are not normal and require treatment because it will cause negative effects such as difficulty in having offspring.

Treatment of cysts varies, ranging from taking drugs such as artificial hormones to surgical removal of the cyst. But you need to make sure again what kind of medicine your doctor gives you, if the drug content is similar to the artificial hormones contained in birth control pills, then this will not have much effect on the condition of your pregnancy and will not cause defects in the fetus.

considering that your test pack result is positive, you should stop using the drugs and vitamins that the doctor has given you and consult again regarding your pregnancy. In pregnant conditions, ovarian cysts will usually disappear by themselves, but there are also cysts that persist and even continue to increase in size. so in these cases need regular check-ups with a gynecologist.

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