Cyst Handlers Near The Kidney?

Illustration of Cyst Handlers Near The Kidney?
Illustration: Cyst Handlers Near The Kidney?

Hello, my mama doctor was diagnosed with a cyst near the right and left kidney and the size was almost 5cm, so was the consultant to a urology surgeon or a tumor surgeon? And can the cyst removal surgery be done?

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Cyst is a medical term that indicates a fluid-filled sac. Cysts in the kidneys indicate the presence of fluid-filled sacs that are in the kidney organs. Cysts in the kidney can appear from birth or in adulthood and old age. Kidney cyst size varies and can cause symptoms that also vary in each individual. The very small size of the cyst can be unnoticed because it does not cause significant clinical symptoms / disorders.

Some symptoms that may arise from kidney cysts include fever, pain in the back, waist that can be felt through the stomach, increased frequency of BAK, pain in BAK, redness or appearance of blood in BAK, impaired kidney function. Under conditions that are quite severe can also cause several conditions such as increased blood pressure, abdominal pain and swelling, stones in the kidneys.

To deal with this condition, you can consult a urology surgeon for further examination and management related to your condition. For more information about kidney cysts, you can access this link.

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