Cyst Or Ectopic Pregnancy?

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,, I am 28 years old. On 12 November 17 I got married. My cellphone is 6 November 17. In December I didn’t have my period but there were symptoms of nausea in the morning after waking up from bed. I tested negative. On 9 January 18 I had a few brown spots, the next day they were clean. The next day I got spots.. And the spots didn’t last all day. For example, morning and evening spots. Clean night. Until the 16th of January I was clean. On January 17th, I have a lot of brown spots and this pink color from morning to evening. The night is clean. Morning until all day clean. The next morning he had a few brown spots. On January 20, I went to Dr. Obgyn. I ultrasound. Doctor suspects ectopic pregnancy because there is a mass outside the womb. But what is doubtful is that my test results are negative. If you are pregnant, it should be positive. The results of the ultrasound reads 5.3 cm cyst. Is it dangerous?

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An ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy outside the uterus occurs when the fetus that is formed does not attach to the uterine wall. Ectopic pregnancies most often occur in the fallopian tubes. Symptoms and signs of an ectopic pregnancy include:

Bleeding from the vagina which usually occurs about 6-7 weeks after a missed period Pain in the lower abdomen, usually the pain is very severe Dizziness or fainting Low hCG hormone

Because the hormone hCG (pregnancy hormone) that appears is lower than a normal pregnancy, pregnancy tests with a test pack often give negative results. The diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy is not easy, it is often necessary to have periodic examinations with a combination of certain examinations, then it can be determined whether a woman is truly experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. Tests that can be used to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy include:

Quantitative examination of beta hCG levels (from blood tests) performed periodically. Ultrasound examination and transvaginal ultrasound if available

Ovarian cysts are a different condition from an ectopic pregnancy and a woman can have both conditions at the same time. There are several types of ovarian cysts, but in general they are divided into 2, functional and non-functional cysts. Cysts that are often found in women of childbearing age are functional cysts. Functional cysts of small to moderate size are usually harmless and go away on their own without the need for specific therapy. A more dangerous condition is the condition of an ectopic pregnancy because of the risk of rupture and heavy bleeding in the abdominal cavity and pelvis.

You should consult again with your gynecologist and follow the advice of your gynecologist

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