Daily Use Of Salt For The Face?

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use of salt for the face with a combination skin what can be used every day?

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Hi Davii,

Do you mean salt water, salt as a scrub, or what? Salt is believed to help reduce acne, itching, and can be used as a scrub to smooth the skin and remove dead skin cells. However, the use of salt must also be considered.

Previously, what was your purpose for using salt on the face? Do you have certain skin complaints? Is after using salt then a negative reaction on the skin? The use of salt on the face in general is not dangerous and may be used, but its use should be adjusted to the skin condition.

For use as a facial scrub, just use 1-3x / week and try not too hard when rubbing into the face. As for use in the form of salt water / salt solution, you can use it like using toner (then rinse with clean water and use a moisturizer). Use enough salt water and do not need too often because salt water is to dry the skin.

What to watch out for is if your skin is sensitive to salt water. Salt water can cause skin irritation in some people. Skin irritation is characterized by the appearance of a negative reaction after use, for example skin itchy, reddened, sore, dry, and sometimes pimples or bruntusan appear. Use of salt water must also be careful not to enter the eyes because it can make eyes red and sore.

If you want to use salt water, you should try first on 1 part of the face and see the reaction of the skin. If a negative reaction appears, immediately stop using salt water and consult a dermatologist. If you want to add salt water as a toner in your skincare suite, it would be better if you use toner or face mist that contains salt (can be written as sodium chloride or sodium chloride) which is cosmetic grade. Skincare with sodium chloride or sodium chloride content is expected to be more friendly to the skin because the salt content is more controlled than if you make your own salt water. If you make your own salt water, make sure the tools and materials used are really clean to prevent contamination.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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