Daily Water Consumption

Illustration of Daily Water Consumption
Illustration: Daily Water Consumption

Doc, I want to ask. Recently I regularly consume about 2 liters of water per day. Because before, I was one of those who rarely consume water up to 2 liters per day. However, I often urinate, can be 10 times more per day and the delay is very short. Is this normal? How do we calculate how much water consumption is based on our body weight dock? Because I saw in several articles if everyone has different water consumption needs. Please answer. Thanks.

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drink plenty of water at least 2 liters is strongly recommended, it is natural to cause frequent urination due to drinking a lot. Frequent urination can be caused by drinking too much or because of certain medical conditions that should not be underestimated. Normally, urinating 4-8 times a day or as much as 1-1.8 liters. However, some people can urinate beyond this frequency, even needing to get up at night to urinate. Too much drinking or drinking near bedtime can make you urinate often at night, even to wake up at night. But if you urinate frequently even though you only drink a little, pay attention to whether there are other symptoms that you might feel.

Urination exceeding the normal frequency for a long time can indicate a variety of certain medical conditions. Here are some conditions that cause frequent urination, as well as other symptoms that may accompany. :

urinary tract infection: This causes an infection in your urinary system, especially the bladder and urethra. When this happens, the pressure to pass urine increases. This can cause pain to arise.

diabetes: This disorder can be an early symptom of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This occurs when the body tries to rid itself of glucose that accumulates in the body through urine.

prostate disorders: These areas that are enlarged can compress the urethra and block urine flow. Because of this the bladder wall becomes irritated. The bladder starts contracting even when it only holds a small amount of urine, which makes urination more frequent.
taking certain drugs: such as diuretics
psychological factors: excessive anxiety

You should first ascertain the cause of frequent urination if you drink too much is normal, but if more frequent and experience other symptoms it may be caused by medical disorders. if for weight it is not yet recorded according to body weight, usually drinking is limited if you have a kidney disorder, if you have disorders like kidney failure it is not recommended to drink a lot as ascites is also not recommended to drink a lot. if you feel this is really bothering you, you can go to the doctor to do a direct examination to the doctor to find the cause, so that the doctor can provide the right handler.

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