Danger And Treatment In Patients With Cysts?

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Tonight .. I am 19 years old not married. From the first time every menstruation I did feel tremendous pain in the lower abdomen, pelvis, back, and my vagina. I also often get vaginal discharge, there are even spots outside the menstrual period. But lately I feel the exact same pain as during menstruation, even though I don’t have even my right leg until I can’t walk. After being examined I was exposed to a 9cm ovarian cyst. At the first doctor suggested that I operate after marriage, while the other doctor said if possible, because it was more than 5cm. But outside of that for the operation was not possible for me to do it quickly because of cost constraints. My question is 1. Does the operation affect fertility? 2. Does the operation have to be done immediately? If not, what is the likelihood of this happening? 3. to deal with pain what should I do? Because it really disturbs my activities.

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Ovarian cyst is a bag filled with fluid that grows in the ovary. In most young women (premenopausal), cysts that grow in the ovary are functional cysts, which are cysts that are formed accidentally during the process of maturation and release of eggs from the ovary. Most functional cysts do not cause any symptoms and do not interfere, so no treatment is needed to overcome them. This type of cyst can disappear on its own in several menstrual cycles.

Although it can disappear on its own, a large size cyst may take a very long time to disappear. In addition, large size cysts can cause several complications such as:

abdominal pain and discomfort in the stomach cyst rupture of ovarian twisting fertility disorders other menstrual problems If there is a large cyst that has the potential to cause complications above, surgery can be done. In menopausal women, ovarian cysts also lead to suspicion of malignancy (ovarian cancer), so further investigation is needed to find this out. If there is indeed a suspicion towards malignancy, then surgery also needs to be done.

Other types of cysts are non-functional cysts. Non-functional cysts can be dermoid cysts, cystadenomas, and endometriomas. In such cases, the cyst requires surgery because it will not disappear on its own as a functional cyst.

You should ask the obstetrician who is examining you further, what type of ovarian cyst you are and the indication of an operation for your ovarian cyst. If there are indeed certain indications, then surgery should be carried out. If there are symptoms of a ruptured cyst or ovarian twisting, the operation MUST be performed IMMEDIATELY. Surgery does have risks, and one risk that can occur is fertility disorders too (you need to remember that the presence of cysts can also interfere with fertility). Therefore your obstetrician will certainly consider the magnitude of the risk of not doing surgery and the risk of surgery before suggesting this action to you.

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