Danger If Forced To Give Birth Normally To Placenta Previa

Illustration of Danger If Forced To Give Birth Normally To Placenta Previa
Illustration: Danger If Forced To Give Birth Normally To Placenta Previa

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The position of the placenta (placenta) can indeed change along with the stretching of the uterine wall during pregnancy. Normally, the placenta is on the right, left, front, back or top of the uterine wall. If the position of the placenta is too far down, close to the fetal head, attached, partially covering, even covering the entire birth canal, then this condition is called placenta previa (low placenta). Clinically, placenta previa does often cause pregnant women to experience spots and recurrent bleeding in the final trimester of pregnancy.

It is not known exactly what triggered the occurrence of placenta previa. However, this condition has a higher risk if your wife has experienced a similar disorder in a previous pregnancy, if your wife has had surgery in her abdominal area, contains more than 1 fetus, is over 35 years old while pregnant, smoking, or taking drugs.

This placenta previa, when forced to give birth normally, is very risky to cause post-saline bleeding. Post saline hemorrhage itself is one of the highest causes of death in women giving birth. Of course, you do not want this to happen right?

The doctor or obstetrician who examines your wife, with her competence and experience, is certainly more understanding of her condition, and the best treatment to overcome it. Therefore, consult with him a lot. If you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for a second opinion to another obstetrician.

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