Danger If The Bartholin Cyst Enlarges?

Illustration of Danger If The Bartholin Cyst Enlarges?
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good night, i want to ask the doctor Are enlarged Bartholin cysts dangerous? how to treat it? u003ca href = “https: //www.HealthReplies.com/kista-bartholin ” u003ehttps: //www.HealthReplies.com/ u003c / a u003e u003ca href = “https: // caramobobististabartholin. web.id/”u003eather-kista-bartholinu003c/au003e

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Bartholin is a gland located on the vaginal lips. Where these glands function as a lubricant during intercourse. But if there is a disruption or blockage in this gland the result is trapped fluid and forms a kita called a Bartholin cyst.

Usually the initial symptoms of bartholin cysts are small so they are usually not detected at the beginning. However, the blocked bartholin gland can get bigger after sexual intercourse because at that time the fluid produced by the bartholin gland keeps coming out so that the kitsarth bartholin will enlarge.

In addition to enlarged Bartholin cysts, these cysts can also become infected. If this bartgolin cyst is infected it can cause pain and discomfort. For Bartholin cysts that are infected, the size of the cyst can be enlarged within a few hours or days. The infection causes swelling of the cyst accompanied by the appearance of pus and pain. This condition can cause sufferers difficulty in sitting, walking, or having sex.

Treatment for Bartholin cysts will depend on the severity such as the size of the Bartholin cyst, and whether or not there are signs of infection in the Bartholin cyst. Here are some ways that are usually used to treat Bartholin cysts:

Installation of a catheter hose to remove fluid or pus in the cyst

Cyst Marsisalization is a procedure for removing fluid by slicing the cyst, then sewing the ends of the surrounding skin so that the cyst remains open to prevent the formation of new cysts.

For surgical procedures to remove Bartholin's glands, surgery can be recommended if other procedures are not successful. Usually general anesthesia will be performed first.

So if you have symptoms of bartholin cysts, you should consult an obstetrician and obstetrician so that appropriate treatment can be done according to your condition.

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