Danger In Contact With Dog Saliva?

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is it true that dog saliva can cause death? https://akurat.co/gayahidup/id-290408-read-hatihati-air-liur-anjing-bisa-s Causes-kematian, please explain

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Based on our capture of the article you included, the disease that occurred in this patient was a capnocytophaga bacterial infection.

These bacteria can indeed be found in the mouths of dogs or cats, which can infect someone who comes into contact with these animals' saliva.

However, not everyone will experience symptoms of this bacterial infection when they come in contact with dog / cat saliva, but usually infection occurs in people with low immune systems, for example HIV sufferers, post organ transplant patients, etc.

Symptoms can include blisters on the contact area, headache, diarrhea, muscle aches, even tissue death (gangrene), kidney failure or heart failure, and this is what can lead to the condition of the sufferer being fatal and even resulting in death. . The percentage of deaths in this disease is quite large, which is about 3 out of 10 infected patients.

Apart from the aforementioned diseases, contact with dog saliva can also transmit another disease that is no less fatal, namely rabies. Symptoms of rabies are nerve problems, the sufferer becomes afraid of seeing water, seizures, and can lead to death. Rabies can be prevented by administering rabies vaccines and anti-toxins after exposure to contact animal saliva. In addition, if a dog bites, a person can also experience a fatal medical condition as a result of bleeding or because of the bacterial toxins that have spread to the body (sepsis).

For this reason, if there is contact with dog saliva, and certain health symptoms arise, you should immediately consult a doctor to confirm the cause with a physical examination by a doctor and supporting examinations if necessary, before things are too late and fatal.

For the initial treatment after contact with dog / cat saliva is to wash the contact area with running water and soap.

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