Danger In The Content Of Toothpaste?

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Good afternoon, I want to ask, is using toothpaste with chemicals 100% dangerous if used long term

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The content of these various toothpastes should be adjusted to the type of teeth that everyone has. Some things that can be a reference content that is commonly found is

Fluoride is the most important mineral ingredient that is useful for renewing minerals in areas of teeth that have started to become damaged by acidic substances, helping the enamel or outer layer of teeth remain strong and protected from acidic damage from food processing in the mouth.
Pyrophosphate and zinc citrate which can prevent the formation of tartar.
Trichlosan antibiotics that help kill bacteria in the mouth.
Potassium nitrate or strontium chloride helps block nerve pathways in the teeth, making them useful for senile teeth when exposed to food that is too hot or cold.

Calcium sodium phosphosilicate or Novamin quickly forms a protective layer on the surface of the dentine, thereby reducing pain in sensitive teeth.

Things to consider related to having toothpaste is

Make sure it is registered with BPOM
Use toothpaste according to the type of teeth you have
Allowed to replace toothpaste to find the most appropriate

Meanwhile, things to maintain healthy teeth and mouth are

Diligently brush your teeth and use dental floss regularly
Use a soft bristle toothbrush.
Avoid consuming foods and drinks that are acidic so as not to erode tooth enamel.
reduce the consumption of soda, ice cream, chocolate, hot coffee, hard candy, sticky candy, sour fruits, tomatoes, and ice cubes.
Don't grind your teeth.
If you want to use mouthwash, avoid mouthwash that contains alcohol or acid.

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