Danger Of Excessive Coffee Consumption?

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Excuse me, I’m a 20-year-old student, so it’s like this. Yesterday I drank 3 sachets of coffee and not less than 1 hour, did that also cause an infection in my throat?

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Amendel in medical language is also called tonsils. If the tonsils become inflamed eating this condition is called tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is a type of infection in the throat. Tonsillitis itself occurs because of an infection, which makes the tonsils or tonsils become inflamed and enlarged.

The following symptoms occur in tonsillitis:

Swallowing Pain
Sore Throat
Tonsils are reddish and swollen
Ear pain
Smell of breath

So the cause of tonsillitis or tonsillitis is infection both viral and bacterial infections. But in most cases the cause is a viral infection. Transmission of bacteria or viruses can occur through:

Direct contact: when you inadvertently inhale a splash of other sick or infected saliva that is released while sneezing or coughing in the air.
Indirect contact, for example when you accidentally touch the surface of an object that has been contaminated with a virus or bacteria such as holding a door, a button on an elevator, table or other objects commonly used in public places, then you hold your mouth or nose, so that the germ or virus You breathe and enter the body.

Actually coffee does not directly make an infection in the throat or tonsillitis. However excessive coffee consumption when you are experiencing strep throat and tonsillitis is not justified. This is because when you are experiencing tonsillectomy and other throat infections the oral cavity will feel dry, and if you consume a drink with a high enough caffeine content it will make your throat drier even more, causing discomfort and also more pain. severe.

If you have tonsillitis in general, tonsillitis caused by a virus can heal itself within one week. And if the tonsil infection makes you sick, you can take paracetamol or iburpofen. But if the cause is bacteria, usually the doctor will give antibiotics as indicated. Therefore, if the swelling of the tonsils does not heal, consult your doctor.

To help with recovery, here are some things you can do at home:

Get enough rest
Eat nutritious foods, avoid fast foods, preservatives, and foods that contain MSG and high salt, avoid foods that are too sweet
Drink water at least 2L / day to prevent dehydration
gargle with a mixture of half a teaspoon of salt and 250 ml of water dissolved to treat a sore throat.
Avoid acidic drinks, such as orange juice, so that the pain does not increase.
Be sure to maintain oral hygiene by brushing your teeth to prevent infection.
Always wash your hands before and after your main activities before eating.

The following article is a complete article that you can read about: Tonsillitis (Inflammation of the tonsils)

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