Danger Of Ovarian Cysts During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Danger Of Ovarian Cysts During Pregnancy?
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, I want to ask I have an ovarian cyst with a diameter of approximately 4cm, now I am pregnant, is it dangerous? and what should I do?

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During pregnancy the fetus develops in the uterus (uterus), whereas, ovarian cysts grow in the ovaries (ovaries). The uterus and ovary are 2 different structures, although they are located side by side. Therefore, ovarian cysts should not interfere with fetal development.

But indeed, an enlarged ovarian cyst (reaching more than 4 cm) can potentially push the developing fetus. Furthermore, an enlarged ovarian cyst can also trigger uterine contractions making it prone to miscarriage or premature labor.

To assess this risk, you should consult with your doctor or obstetrician directly. Doctors who examine you directly certainly better understand the condition of the patients. In most cases, ovarian cysts that are small in size and appear during pregnancy only need to be observed, without the need for special treatment. However, if it is enlarged and it is feared that it will interfere with fetal development, the doctor may take special measures. Of course, this action is taken after considering the risks also for the fetus in your womb.

You should not panic first. As long as you diligently control your health and your fetus to the obstetrician, generally the risk of dangerous complications can be prevented. You should focus on maintaining your pregnancy by consuming a variety of healthy and nutritious foods, regular breaks, don't overexert yourself, and stay away from cigarettes.

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