Danger Of Roseola For Pregnant Women Or Adults?

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Hello Dewanti Wulan,

Roseola is a viral infection that usually affects children at the age of 6 months - 2 years. Roseola can also occur in adults but rarely. The most common cause of roseola is human herpes virus-6 (HHV 6), it could also be due to HHV 7. Transmission occurs through contact with a cough / sneezing droplet or patient's saliva. Roseola can be contagious even if the patient does not produce a rash on the skin. Generally, transmission of roseola is not fast and is as easy as transmission of chickenpox.

Roseola symptoms include:

A sudden high fever (> 39.4 degrees Celsius), 3-5 days in duration
Reddish rashes on the spot or patchy skin (similar to measles) that first appear in the chest, back and stomach area then spread to the neck and arms. The rash does not cause itching complaints. The rash will fade after a few days.
Coughing, runny nose, swollen lymph nodes
Decreased appetite
Children tend to be fussy

The diagnosis of roseola is made from the history of the patient's complaints and also the physical examination of roseola's characteristic findings. In the early phase of the disease is difficult to distinguish from other diseases such as cold cough, flu, diarrhea with fever, sore throat, which also gives the same complaint. Examination of antibodies to roseola can be done to distinguish in cases of non-typical roseola, but the examination is not routinely done.

There is no specific treatment / medication for roseola. The nature of this disease is self limiting so that it will heal itself after a few days because of the patient's immune system. Medications are given especially fever-lowering drugs and other drugs in accordance with symptoms that arise in patients. Roseola is generally mild and does not cause danger. There is no significant medical research evidence that roseola during pregnancy can cause negative effects on the fetus. In pediatric patients, roseola with a very high fever can cause complications such as seizures.

Prevention of roseola can be done by resting at home a child suffering from roseola so as not to infect his peers or school friends. Wash your hands regularly. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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