Danger Of Tearing After Childbirth Not Sewn?

Illustration of Danger Of Tearing After Childbirth Not Sewn?
Illustration: Danger Of Tearing After Childbirth Not Sewn? babycenter.com

I want to ask, a week ago I gave birth to a normal baby’s weight 2.5 there was a tear but it wasn’t stitched up because I didn’t want to, how about it being dangerous later and what is the medicine then can I come back with her, please answer, thank you

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Hello Sulistia, thank you for the question for HealthReplies.com

Postpartum tears do not always have to be sewn up. In a tear that occurs only in the vaginal mucosa (the inner skin of the vagina), it usually does not require suturing because it closes itself quickly. If a tear occurs to the skin, sutures are usually required. If you have a tear to the skin and you can choose not to suture, there are several risks that can occur, including:

the wound will heal longer
pain lasts longer
the risk of infection is higher
imperfect skin fusion (the perineal shape is not normal)

Of course, the risks above can occur depending on the size of your injury. The bigger your wound, the greater the risks above to occur.

If your perineal tear reaches into the anus, then you will have to perform sutures, because if not, complications such as infection and fistula formation are very risky to occur.

If your perineal tear is small, then the tear is likely to heal on its own. There are no specific drugs that are given to help speed healing, but usually your gynecologist will prescribe painkillers to reduce pain that appears, and antibiotics can also be given if there is an infection in the wound.

Some things you can do to help heal wounds include:

Keep the perineum area dry and clean. During the puerperium you will release a lot of lochia fluid. To keep the perineum dry, you must make sure you change your sanitary napkins frequently.
Wash the perineal area with warm water when showering and dry it well before you get dressed.
Make sure you clean the anal area from front to back after defecating so that dirt does not contaminate the wound.
You can do a sitz bath, which is soaking your pubic area and perineum with warm water for 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a day. Do not mix any medicine or ingredients in the water, just warm water.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

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