Danger Of Twitch On The Body Of Infants Aged 3 Weeks?

Hello … I am a new mother who is learning to take care of babies … my baby is only 3 weeks old and often his body parts are twitching … sometimes he gets shocked … his embassy is only for a short time … is it dangerous

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Hello Tias, thank you for asking.

Congratulations on your gift and congratulations on becoming a new mother. Based on the picture told, it is not explained whether twitching occurs when the baby is sleepy before going to sleep, or occurs during sleep, and stops when the baby wakes up. It is also not explained whether twitching occurs throughout the body or only parts of the body.

Newborns can twitch or jerk. This is called benign sleep myoclonus. Myoclonus is a jerking motion in the muscles, often looking like a twitch or shock. As the name implies, benign means 'benign' or harmless. These symptoms can be found in newborns while they are sleeping or almost asleep. These symptoms disappear when the child is awake. Myoclonus is not accompanied by other symptoms and generally disappears after the baby arrives at 3 months of age. However some cases report that this myoclonus can last until a child is several years old. Benign sleep myoclonus occurs because the baby's brain is still learning to get used to the correct sleep patterns. The innervation of the baby is not yet perfect, so that sleep patterns are not perfect. Myoclonus can also occur because the innervation of baby's skeletal muscle is incomplete. Mothers need not worry because these symptoms are not dangerous.

If there are other symptoms when twitching like twitching or stiffness is only part of the body, the baby's lips turn blue, or the baby does not respond when awakened, then there is a possibility the baby is having a seizure. These seizures are various, some are caused by fever, or brain neurological disorders. If these symptoms appear immediately consult with your pediatrician. The doctor will do a physical examination and if necessary will do an EEG examination to assess brain wave activity.

The following is a scientific article link about myoclonushttps: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1125884/

Hopefully this explanation can slightly ease the worries of mothers. Regards.

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