Dangerous Leucorrhoea Is Green?

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Hello, I want to ask about age 36 years, then I take IVA test to follow cervical cancer … then the results of the test were found out that I have a leucorrhoea which is green and then I prescribed ketoconazole medicine that I asked about the risk of leucorrhoea what I experienced …. then during taking the medicine I was allowed to donate blood …. for the answer I say thank you

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Hello Thanti, thank you for asking Aldokter

Leucorrhoea can be a normal condition or it can also indicate the condition of certain health problems. Every woman must have experienced vaginal discharge, because vaginal discharge is one of the body's natural ways to protect the vagina from infection.

Therefore you need to know the types of vaginal discharge that is normal and vaginal discharge that is not normal. normal vaginal discharge that is when vaginal discharge does not cause symptoms, and vaginal discharge or mucus that comes out of the vagina is usually odorless, colorless usually clear liquid, and the amount is not too much. If you experience vaginal discharge beyond normal or other symptoms arise such as pain in the vagina, itching, or pain during intercourse, abnormal vaginal discharge can occur due to infection.

Mucus that comes out when vaginal discharge is not normal, if you have colors such as greenish or yellowish can indicate an infection. For example milky white, thick and itchy can indicate a yeast infection. And if the vaginal discharge is yellowish or greenish it can be caused by bacteria. However, to ensure the cause, it is necessary to examine the mucus and vagina and then the spleen is examined by a laboratory for analysis.

If the cause is fungus, the doctor will give you an antifungal medication. Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal drug used to treat fungal infections. If you are given the medicine by a doctor then the possible cause of vaginal discharge that occurs to you is caused by fungus. You have not seen a doctor, it is recommended to check the problem with a doctor.

To do blood donation, you need some conditions so that you can escape screening to do blood donation. It is intended that the blood to be donated from donors is free from contamination that is harmful to the recipient later. These requirements include the consumption of drugs, one of the requirements for blood donors is in good health and not taking drugs. You should donate at least 1-2 weeks after using the drug. Or each will make a blood donor to the blood donation officer if you are taking drugs.

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