Dangerous Or Not Sensory Disturbance In Children?

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At night, I want to ask my child at 23 months or 2 years less than 1 month … Finally, the pup smells bad, and diarrhea … not always wake up soundly I guess he was thirsty. In breastfeeding by me but after suckling she cried, I gave her a drink after that, still crying, and holding her mouth / inserting a finger into her mouth … If she coughs she always puts her fingers in her mouth .. And it is easy to hit her head or another person. As well as easily electrocuted and crying and there are still others … The browser browser on Google about sensory disorders from the characteristics of my child is almost exactly like that … But is it true that my child has sensory disorders? And is that dangerous? How is the handling? Please explain …

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Hello, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com
Basic human sensory consists of touch, hearing, smell, vision, taste, proprioception (motion between joints) and vestibular (balance). If the sensory system is disrupted, it certainly causes each of them to not function properly. This is a very complex thing. Regarding the complaint you made, it seems that there is no sign of the child leading to this disorder. However, if you are in doubt, you should immediately consult a pediatrician.
I will explain the following to each of the complaints that you submit, namely:
1. Diarrhea smells. The odor that appears in bowel movements can be caused by bacteria breaking down feces excessively or due to the smell of food consumed by children. If diarrhea does not improve within 3 days or is accompanied by bloody diarrhea or if the diarrhea becomes more frequent so that the child becomes weak, you should take the child to consult with a doctor. Meanwhile, mothers can make children ORS every time diarrhea and give zinc for 10 days according to the rules on the drug instructions paper. In the meantime, avoid giving children types of fibrous food until the diarrhea improves.
2. Children have no appetite. Is the child sick? If the child is sick, it is normal not to eat, but still try to choose a preferred replacement food. Is the type of food provided has varied, for example if today is chicken, the next day is fish and the next day is eggs. Does it taste right on the tongue? You can use aromatic herbs such as garlic, onion, onion, ginger and soup seasoning. Is the child's food always fresh and warm when it will be eaten? This can also increase a child's appetite. If needed, you can provide appetite enhancing supplements containing Curcuma and Vitamin C.
3. Regarding children putting their hands in their mouths when coughing, it is normal, OK. It looks like the child is experiencing strep throat or pharyngitis. Pharyngitis is often accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils or tonsillitis. It seems that this makes it feel something is up in the throat of a child. We recommend that you check with your nearest doctor if you have not had a cough for three days or if the cough sounds phlegm or if accompanied by shortness of breath. meanwhile, the mother can provide warm-squeezed orange juice, warm water and warm fish soup.
4. Regarding tantrums, you can read more here, OK?
Thus hopefully useful.

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