Dangers Of Bloody Breasts And Skin Peeling When Breastfeeding?

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Doctor. I am a new mother. Have been breastfeeding for about 3 weeks. My nipples are flat and when they appear they will flat back into the blesek. During this time I was forced to love my child with any problems, I would love to always be in drama because the baby bites the nipples instead of the areola. Until my nipples bled and boncel sloughed off their flesh. Yesterday my child was spit up and murmured out of blood. I think the result is that he swallowed blood from a wound he sucked while in nenen. Is dangerous. And is there any potential to heal the skin of the nipple that is peeling off? Because it hurts if I suck the baby until it turns into the fontanel. Do I have to stop loving and keep loving it with the condition of the sore nipples. Or should there be another second opinion? I am also confused because my baby did not enter milk. Every drinking milk must have all the milk after drinking vomiting. Thank you

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Hello Conscience, Thank you for the question.

Breast milk is indeed the main nutrient needed by the baby during the first 6 months of his life. Thus, you are encouraged to give exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. For breastfeeding there really are a few things you should pay attention to, namely the position of breastfeeding and attachment of the baby. If the breastfeeding position is uncomfortable and the baby's attachment is not right, then this condition can cause the baby's mouth to be inaccurate position so that it interferes with the breastfeeding process. Furthermore, improper positioning of the baby's mouth can cause injury to your nipples. If you have a nipple wound, you should not breastfeed from the injured breast so that the wound can heal and the breastfeeding process does not become a traumatic condition for you and your baby. Your baby can be affected because blood mixed with milk can cause breast milk to change and the baby may be reluctant to breastfeed. You can breastfeed from a breast that is not injured. Even so, you are still encouraged to empty the injured nipple by pumping it to prevent mastitis. If both of your nipples are injured, please keep pumping your breasts and you can try breastfeeding your baby from a bottle of milk. Another step that you must take is to consult a doctor so that the doctor can examine your nipples and provide further treatment so that the wound can heal quickly and the process of breastfeeding can continue.

Some of the following information you should consider in breastfeeding a baby:

choose a comfortable breastfeeding position, can be in a lap position, a position in a row, lying on your side, or a koala position
fix baby's attachment. Please breastfeed the baby when the baby looks hungry. Hold your baby with one hand and the other hand holding the breast by forming the letter C (mother kjari above the nipple and other fingers below). When the baby's mouth opens, please thrust your breast by bringing the baby's body close to your breast. Try to insert the nipple deep enough so that the baby's lips cover all the areola. If the breasts are attached properly, you no longer need to hold your breasts

Do not hesitate to consult with a lactation consultant doctor to find out the right way to breastfeed so that you avoid similar conditions in the future.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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