Dangers Of Toothache During Pregnancy?

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My obstetrical age is now 37 weeks … and now I feel pain in my teeth … what does that affect me?

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. Toothache when pregnant is actually a condition that is quite often encountered. Among the causes are:

Increased blood flow in pregnant women that cause inflammation Disorders of the supporting tissues of the teeth associated with hormones Habit of vomiting during pregnancy that can damage the layer of teeth Conditions of lack of calcium intake

Regarding your question, at some stage, dental and gum disease can indeed affect the baby in the womb, in the form of premature birth and low birth weight, both directly and indirectly. Therefore, it is important not to underestimate this condition.

Even so, that does not mean you need to worry too much. Simply consult your problem with the dentist to see and find the root of the problem and later the best treatment will be determined in accordance with your current condition.

In the meantime, avoid taking drugs without doctor's advice, even if it's a drug that you often take before you get pregnant. Keep your teeth and mouth clean by brushing your teeth twice a day and assisted with mouthwash and dental floss, and treat pain by gargling with warm salt water, applying clove oil and compressing the sides of the painful cheeks with cold compresses. So, hopefully answering your question.

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