Dangers Of Using Abortion Drugs?

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my doctor wanted to ask, how many bromelain tablets taken can cause fetal miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy?

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Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple fruit extracts or from pineapple stems. Bromelain in tablet form is used as a supplement to reduce inflammation, for example in the case of rhinitis (inflammation of the mucosa in the nose) or osteoarthrirtis (inflammation of the joints of the bones). Bromelain in topical form is also used in wound care. However, bromelain is not the main therapy in these cases, because there is not enough medical evidence of the benefits of bromelain.

Some medical studies concerning bromelain causing uterine contractions are as follows:

Research on the uterine tissue of rats given directly bromelain, causing contractions in the uterine tissue
Research on uterine tissue in rats and humans given bromelain directly, uterine contractions arise similar to uterine contractions after administration of oxytocin (a trigger for uterine contractions)
Research on pregnant rats given bromelain orally (taken by mouth) no cases of miscarriages occur and all mice give birth to children with a gestational age. It is suspected, the enzyme bromelain that is entered will be digested by the body, so the effect is lost and does not give the effect of uterine contractions, as if this enzyme is given directly to uterine tissue.

There is not enough medical evidence to suggest that consumption of bromelain orally can cause interference with pregnancy or even lead to miscarriage.

Abortion without a medical indication (criminal abortion) is an act that violates the law and may be subject to criminal sanctions for the culprit. In addition the indiscriminate abortion process can cause complications in the form of massive bleeding that can be life threatening, rupture of the uterus, infertility, and infection of the uterus (when using non-sterile tools).

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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