Dangers Of Using Concocted Skin Whitening Products?

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Hello, is it safe to use long-term HB whitening concoctions consisting of body toner soap and lotion day and night ?? That is sold online on Instagram, because there are so many testimonials that can really whitenAnd if I use it, bi-monthly immediately starts to turn white skin. .. And the hb bleach hasn’t been stocked … Is it safe to use continuously ??

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Hello Meisya, thanks for asking.

Women in Asia do tend to follow the stigma that white skin is beautiful and healthy skin. Actually the most important skin is healthy, and not in terms of color, does not mean that white skin is healthy skin. This is what drives many women to use whitening products. Surely this is a personal right of each person. But you still have to pay close attention to what ingredients you use for your body. Check carefully the composition of the product ingredients. It is difficult for us to give advice if the composition of the ingredients is unknown.

In general, your doctor will advise you not to consume or use any product whose composition is unknown, is not clearly stated on the packaging, and does not get BPOM permission. Consumers must be observant so that nothing unexpected happens. For example the product contains hydroquinone, then you must be observant really how large the dose contained. Please remember that hydroquinone is a substance that belongs to a class of drugs used to treat skin hyperpigmentation. So because of its nature is a drug, hydroquinone should not be used in the long run except for medical indications. It is possible that the product you are using contains other unknown ingredients.

So, if you still want to use the product, of course it is your right. But once I mentioned that medically doctors will not recommend the use of products that are not clearly registered. Stop use if skin irritation occurs, such as redness, pain, burning sensation, itching, hives, or skin infections. If you experience these things, contact your doctor immediately. Hopefully this answer can help you. Regards.

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