Dark Skin Problems From Acne Scars.?

Illustration of Dark Skin Problems From Acne Scars.?
Illustration: Dark Skin Problems From Acne Scars.? dermcoll.edu.au

, so at that time I had zits on my nose, and then he broke himself but gradually left behind a dark black mark near his nose and slightly widened. that’s how to treat it? thank you

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Hello Akemi,

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Often, acne can collapse or break on its own without leaving serious complications later in life. But not infrequently indeed, acne scars will cause the shape or color of the skin to be no longer perfect as before, can be blackish (hyperpigmentation), vaginal discharge (hypopigmentation), bruntusan, curved (pockmarked), and so on. This condition is not always dangerous. But indeed, if located in parts of the body that are easily visible to others, including in the nose, this condition can greatly interfere with appearance and reduce self-confidence.

Not only acne scars, black spots on your skin may also occur due to other triggers, such as nevus (moles), phototoxic or photoallergic reactions, melanoma, and so on. Before deciding on the right treatment, of course, you must first identify the exact cause of the black spot, is it really pure due to acne scars, or is there another reason.

Therefore, first check your complaint to the doctor or dermatologist if you feel your complaint is getting wider. That way, of course the doctor can give you the best treatment in accordance with the underlying cause.

For now, we urge you to do the following suggestions first:

Don't forcibly slough off black spots on the skin
Do not also give any treatment to black spots that appear without first consulting a doctor
Diligent shower with a clean
Always use sunscreen for every activity, especially activities in the sun
If pimples or other skin conditions appear, do not solve them by force
Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, and don't make it a habit to sleep late, so the skin looks brighter

Hope this helps ...

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