Daydreaming Or Excessive Daydreaming Habits?

Illustration of Daydreaming Or Excessive Daydreaming Habits?
Illustration: Daydreaming Or Excessive Daydreaming Habits?

I recently learned that I have maladaptive daydreaming. Sometimes I make a story and then act it out, and sometimes my movements reflex to follow the plot that I made. Is maladaptive daydreaming related to psychiatric disorders? Can I recover?

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Maladaptive daydream (MDD) is a form of habit of daydreaming or over-fantasizing that causes someone to form life outside reality. With this habit, often patients with MDD withdraw from real life. Common symptoms that are often felt by patients with MDD, are difficulty sleeping, difficulty completing tasks and responsibilities, whispering during an MDD attack, patients feel more comfortable with delusions, forming fantasies in the form of friends, places or events.

Some of the conditions below can trigger an MDD in daily life, such as:

repetitive stress or anxiety

own feelings


Certain discussion material discussed together

noise or noise pollution

certain or unpleasant smell (sensory stimulation)

unpleasant experiences such as physical abuse, physical trauma

In connection with your question, if the diagnosis of MDD has been established by a mental health specialist, then the handling and care of patients with MDD are expected to be given optimally by a mental health doctor. Thus, MDD can be controlled properly and prevent the condition of MDD from getting worse. In addition to the diagnosis and treatment by mental health physicians, patients must also try to control the triggering factors that might aggravate the perceived complaint, be it stress, disappointment or other things that might aggravate this complaint. Avoiding sleeping late and exercising regularly, is expected to support relaxation and healthy behavior patterns that will help control MDD.

Because it is related to the psychological condition of the patient and related to direct treatment by a mental health specialist, MDD is one of the mental health disorders. And as long as you try to control all of the above, it is hoped that your recovery of psychological health can be better.

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