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Afternoon, I want to ask Saturday morning on the 21st I could not get up because the body was hot, dizzy and could not move my body felt deadly and could not be moved. On Sunday 22nd I was still weak but the heat had started to go down, still dizzy and my body was still hard even if the road was like an old man heehee. On Monday the 23rd the body heat has started to fall, the pegel has not been too much but instead it becomes nauseous and the nose is very sensitive to smell. And on Tuesday, the heat was gone but there was no nausea but the nausea was getting more and the nose was getting more sensitive. There are some red spots but I’m not sure if this is a dbd spot or it was bitten by a mosquito heehe. How good

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Hello Sri

Sri's complaints in the form of fever (hot body), dizziness, aching rheumatic pain that made it difficult to move the body, nausea, nose seemed to be more sensitive, and the appearance of red spots can be caused by various things. So the existence of these symptoms can not be concluded that it is a dengue fever.

Some health problems that can be considered because they have similar symptoms are

Fever caused by mild infections, such as coughs and "common" colds or from fatigue so that the immune system decreases. Which generally can heal by itself within a few days as long as getting nutritious food intake and adequate rest and sleep
Gastrointestinal infections
Urinary tract infection
Dengue fever
Measles fever

Also not yet known for certain whether these spots are actually associated with the condition of the fever experienced or some other problem, such as spots due to insect bites, scratching, or due to allergies. To ensure this, doctors need to conduct more targeted examinations to get more information on Sri's health condition. For example, asking about Sri's medical history so far, what symptoms were experienced, and basic health checks such as temperature measurement, pulse frequency, breathing frequency, blood pressure, and physical examination. Even if necessary, the doctor may suggest Sri to undergo a supporting examination such as a blood test for example. That way the information that is collected can ensure what the situation is actually experiencing Sri today.

Some tips that Sri can do to prevent the situation experienced is getting heavier

Compress the forehead area with warm water to help reduce fever
Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and maintain body temperature is not too high
Get plenty of rest and sleep
Eating a balanced nutritious food

Sri may take Paracetamol, to help reduce the fever that is experienced.
Immediately to the doctor if his condition does not improve in 3 days or if the situation gets worse in a fast time

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