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Decreased appetite can be caused by many things, for example due to illness, where this decreased appetite is a normal response from your body. In addition, it can be caused by mood disorders or other psychological problems. It can also be caused by certain medical conditions, for example a sore throat that makes it difficult for you to swallow, stomach pain so you easily feel full or bloated, or other digestive tract disorders such as diarrhea so you have to minimize your food consumption for fear of having diarrhea. There are many other causes underlying this decreased appetite. In some cases, a decrease in appetite needs to be watched out for if it is caused by a serious medical illness. Generally, this decreased appetite is a medical condition that is not too serious and will return to normal after some time. You can do the following to overcome your decreased appetite:

Eat nutritious, nutrient-rich foods every day and try to make a varied menu so you don't get bored. In other words, prepare your favorite food for you to consume. Avoid foods that smell bad Eat small portions but often Create an atmosphere that supports you to be able to eat comfortably. Do regular exercise Avoid stress because stress can cause decreased appetite Take appetite enhancing supplements Supplements that you can consume are quite varied and there are no restrictions on consuming certain supplements, as long as you don't have allergies to the contents of these supplements. So taking supplements that contain curcuma as you explained is permissible. However, if this condition of decreased appetite lasts long enough, you should check with your doctor so that you know the cause of the decreased appetite that you are experiencing.

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