Decreased Appetite And Abnormal Bowel Movements After Appendectomy?

Illustration of Decreased Appetite And Abnormal Bowel Movements After Appendectomy?
Illustration: Decreased Appetite And Abnormal Bowel Movements After Appendectomy?

I’m a woman 25. A month ago I had an appendectomy. After surgery, I went through some changes. Such as decreased appetite drastically, abnormal bowel movements (constipation and diarrhea). Doctors only prescribe topical ointments and some medications. And about 1 week this time I felt dizzy and nauseous in the morning but it got better by itself. the duration of dizziness is around 2-3 hours. In addition, when dizzy and nauseous, my palms and feet gave off a cold dryness. Do you think this is why? And if you want to have yourself checked, what dipoli? Please enlighten me. Thank you

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From the information you have conveyed, the complaints of decreased appetite and digestive complaints that you feel may be caused by complaints in your stomach. If this condition is related to appendectomy, these complaints will increase a few days after your operation.

So it is necessary to consider other possible causes related to nausea and dizziness, such as stomach upset, food poisoning, food intolerance, or digestive infections.

In connection with the cold sweat you feel, complaints of indigestion and dizziness can increase the appearance of this cold sweat. So that controlling complaints of nausea and dizziness is expected to help reduce complaints of this cold sweat.

However, this condition still requires evaluation regarding your recovery after surgery. So that a direct examination to the surgeon who treats your appendix is ​​very necessary. With examination by the surgeon, the surgeon can determine the main cause of this complaint, whether due to implications from previous operations or due to other digestive disorders.

Treatment and medication will be provided by the doctor regarding your current clinical condition.

For now, avoid spicy foods, noodles, meatballs, fried rice, coconut milk, and coffee to prevent complaints or your indigestion.

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