Decreased Appetite, Nausea, Difficulty Defecating And Lethargy?

5 days ago I didn’t eat all day

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It seems that you have decreased your appetite so that in recent days, only a small amount of food has entered the body. Food and beverages (milk, sugar-containing drinks) contain nutrients that will be absorbed by the body for later use as energy. Energy is used by the body to carry out the metabolism of cells, tissues and organs. So it is very natural, when food intake is reduced, a person feels weak and lethargic.

Difficult defecation is often caused by the large intestine not being filled with food waste that can be excreted or there is a decrease in overall bowel movement due to decreased digestion because you do not eat / drink and / or there is a medical condition that disturbs your digestive system.

Several things that may cause decreased appetite:

Indigestion / stomach ulcers.

The condition of addiction to alcoholic drinks and / or drugs.

The side effects of certain drugs that are consumed regularly for a long time.

Severe medical conditions such as cancer, chronic kidney failure, hepatitis, liver problems lasting more than 2 weeks, heart failure, lung disease, hypothyroidism, HIV / AIDS, severe metabolic disorders.

Mental health disorders related to diet (anorexia bulimia) and mood (depression).

Dementia / senility.

Temporary emotional or physical stress. When the stressor is reduced or lost, usually appetite will return to normal.

Of course, to determine exactly what is causing the decreased appetite and the symptoms you are experiencing, it is necessary to have a direct medical examination with a doctor. Especially since the complaints you feel have been going on for more than 3 days. The doctor will evaluate your complaints, perform a physical examination, and if necessary refer you to other investigations such as blood tests and abdominal ultrasound

Meanwhile at home, try to eat small portions but often. Choose the type of food you like, cold food and drinks also help increase appetite. If you like, warm ginger water can also help reduce nausea.

Read more about Causes of Decreased Appetite here.

That's the info we can convey, hopefully it helps you.

Greetings healthy, Dr Caecilia Haryu Aryapti.

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