Decreased Appetite?

Illustration of Decreased Appetite?
Illustration: Decreased Appetite?

Tonight I want to ask, it’s been almost 1 month my appetite has been lacking. I am hungry only when I eat the food I eat, it is as if I don’t want to eat it so I eat like forcing myself to eat then after I eat I don’t feel full. That’s why huh? Then I have type 1 diabetes it’s been 3 years and I taking insulin injections – + 2 years. In the past when I started taking injections my body weight started to increase gradually from 20q7 to May 2018. after June 2018 my weight began to decline. I am 20 years old. thank you

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Hello dindaliana,

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease caused by the pancreas not working normally so that insulin production is not enough or the body is not effective at using the insulin. The handling itself is by administering regular insulin, keeping blood sugar levels balanced, pancreatic cell transplantation or pancreatic transplantation, but this procedure is still risky and more dangerous, besides that the patient also needs to participate in monitoring blood sugar levels regularly either through checking blood sugar levels or other tests such as HbA1c.

Loss of appetite itself can be caused by various things, ranging from digestive disorders, liver disorders, kidney disorders, hormonal disorders, metabolic disorders or psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety and others. If in the last few moments decreased appetite is accompanied by other symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor to determine the cause.

Several attempts can be made to help increase appetite, including by:

Eat smaller portions but more often
Choose a varied menu or your favorite food
Eat healthy snacks
Avoid foods that interfere with your appetite, such as foods that smell strongly
Avoid too much fiber
Adding flavor to food such as trash spices
Make the atmosphere more enjoyable to eat
Eat together with loved ones or family
Keep doing light exercise

May be useful,

dr. Adhi P.

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