Decreased Ejaculatory Emission During Intercourse?

Morning, r n r nI want to ask about the discharge of sperm when I am tired or have a wet dream as if the sperm that comes out is more radiant than when having sex with my wife. Can it be called a disorder? What should be done to make sperm radiate more during intercourse? R n r nThank you for your attention and answer.

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From the information you have conveyed, the emission of sperm that is not tight during ejaculation may cause sperm volume that is not too much.

While the causes of decreased ejaculation emission can be caused by decreased levels of testosterone levels, frequent masturbation, increased soy consumption, diabetes, anxiety, discomfort, thyroid disorders, lack of exercise.

In young couples, the increased frequency of sexual intercourse with either masturbation or intimate contact can decrease semen volume, thereby reducing ejaculatory emission. Excessive physical fatigue can also lead to weak ejaculation.

And if you feel this complaint is getting more and more disturbing, you should consult directly with an andrologist. The doctor will perform direct examinations and supporting examinations to find out the cause of your condition. Management will be given according to the results obtained.

All you need to do is get enough sleep and don't sleep late at night, do regular exercise.

That is the information we can convey, also read weak ejaculation.


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