Defecation After Consumption Of Milk In Babies 3.5 Months?

Illustration of Defecation After Consumption Of Milk In Babies 3.5 Months?
Illustration: Defecation After Consumption Of Milk In Babies 3.5 Months?

Good Morning, I want to ask … my child is 3.5 months old … I started to consume milk powder for almost 2 months, before I tried various brands of reaction after drinking directly pup … I was initially thought to be allergic to cow’s milk, once tried soy milk, but the response was the same, then found one of the brands that have been consumed in the last 2 months, at first it was okay .. then came here sometimes sometimes immediately pooped, sometimes not … at the moment the consumption of milk is added by ASIP because I work..ever I have tried SGM LLM + based on the advice of pediatricians in other places, I consulted via online too … but it was not taken at all with my child, it might not taste good. The question:

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Hello Karmila, thank you for asking.

The best milk consumption for babies is of course breast milk. However, sometimes there are various situations and conditions that cause mothers to give formula milk to their babies. The protein in formula milk is animal protein which certainly has a difference with breast milk protein. It is indeed sometimes can trigger allergic reactions or lactose intolerance in infants. Lactose intolerance results from the production of less or no lactase enzymes.

Symptoms of lactose intolerance can generally be:

Baby's weight does not increase rapidly.
Babies easily bloated.
Sometimes nausea vomiting.
Easy to experience diarrhea that can be accompanied by blood.
There may be an allergic reaction to the skin in the form of itching, bumps or spots, redness.

BAB frequency is different from adults. Babies are more often defecate per day. When BAB is not yet regular as in adults. Babies who immediately defecate not long after drinking milk, is actually not a strange thing. In some babies, the distance between drinking milk and bowel movements is quite close. This is not necessarily related to lactose intolerance.

If your baby does not look fussy, weight does not go down, gain weight in the normal range, drink well, be active, not bloated, no nausea, vomiting diarrhea, then there may be no serious problems. Check with your baby regularly to the doctor. Avoid changing doctors too often, so that your baby's medical record does not falter. If the doctor does not find any physical growth barriers, then you do not need to worry.

Thus my explanation, hopefully it is quite useful. Regards.

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