Defecation Is Not Complete?

I felt the symptoms of Large Intestine Irritable Syndrome from mid January. Actually, I defecated, but I became more aware after last January where my stomach was getting bigger. So I do not feel complete when defecating and often feel stomach cramps / mules. This is followed by stress and anxiety. But there are times when in March I defecate smoothly every day even though I eat very much, at that time I was focused on other things so that my anxiety tends to decrease drastically so I don’t think about the symptoms, then after that the symptoms return again when I start mind and constipation. Though I have eaten very little but still I feel constipated, sometimes diarrhea, then followed by a feeling of incomplete

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Irritable bowel syndrome or also medically called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a condition of disorders of the digestive tract in the long term and tends to disappear or recur at any time. This condition is more often experienced by adults aged less than 50 years and has a relationship with several factors such as stress, certain foods, and due to hormonal changes such as women during menstruation.

Symptoms that you feel in the form of defective bowel movements or constipation, abdominal cramps or abdominal pain that can disappear or recur can be one of the symptoms of IBS. Other symptoms that can be caused by IBS, for example:

Constipation or sometimes diarrhea, or both of these complaints can appear alternately Abdominal pain or abdominal cramps, but symptoms will improve after CHAPTER Stomach feels more bloated or full, and usually feel more distended or enlarged especially if not yet CHAPTER or when constipation appears Frequent belching and excretion wind Nausea decreased appetite This complaint can occur for days or even weeks to months and can disappear or recur. But in some cases, this condition will improve by itself.

Actually, the exact cause of IBS has not been clearly identified, food factors can also be a cause. But psychological factors as you describe can also be a causative factor, for example if you are experiencing depression, anxiety disorders, panic and stress.
If the trigger that you suspect is a psychological factor in the form of stress and anxiety, then the handling is in the form of an arrangement to reduce anxiety or anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders, these also have several types and also have different levels of vulnerability. If you feel this anxiety disorder has caused harm to yourself, for example, disturbing your activities, and disturbing your daily social interactions, and if you find it difficult to control these anxiety, you can consult your forehead to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Of course, by consulting about this anxiety disorder you can be given appropriate treatment. Actually anxiety is a natural emotion that occurs when someone is being faced by a problem or a big interest, but if this complaint arises without a clear cause it can be a problem of mental or psychological health problems.

Apart from that, the psychological factor is beyond, if you experience complaints of ABB difficulties and abdominal pain, you can consult a doctor, especially if you experience weight loss, defecation of mucus or blood, the stomach gets bigger and harder, palpable lumps. To ensure that this condition is an IBS or other cause of course the doctor needs further examination to help determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

Several ways are known to help reduce complaints or the emergence of IBS, namely by:

Adjust your diet and type of food, eat small portions and frequent frequency, avoid soft drinks and caffeinated. Paying for fatty, acidic and spicy foods and fast food types Sufficient fiber needs and drinking enough white water at least 8 glasses per day to help launch routine CHAPTER Exercise regularly Manage stress, avoid stress for example by doing meditaso, traveling or a hobby that you enjoy consuming probiotics, i.e. supplements that can help nourish the digestive system by returning the balance of normal bacteria in the intestine naturally. That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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