Definition Of Disability?

Illustration of Definition Of Disability?
Illustration: Definition Of Disability?

my hand bent because of falling when elementary school, now I am 28 years old. whether the crooked hands are included in the disability category of doctors …?

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The definition of disability is a limitation that can be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, developmental or some combination of these conditions. And according to WHO (World Health Organization) people with disabilities are people who have mental or physical disorders in the long run so that their ability to perform daily activities can be significantly disrupted.

The shape of the hand that is bent due to an injury that is not treated in the past is also known as the deformity or negligence of the form of normal and physical form. However, not all deformities are categorized as disabilities. If the arm's function decreases or makes you lose your function or significantly disrupt your daily activities, this condition can only be categorized as disability. However, if you are still able to carry out your normal activities as usual or function that is not interrupted, only experience interference with the shape of the hand, then you cannot be said to be a person with a disability.

The condition of a bent hand due to an injury in the past is usually due to the healing process of the bone that is not in place. For example in the case of broken bones, normally injured bones will do the healing process naturally with their own. However, the healing process and the formation of bone can form improperly so that the junction of the bone will not be perfect causing an asymmetrical shape or deformity, in addition to an asymmetrical shape that can also cause dysfunction in the part of the body that is broken. Therefore, after suffering an injury, complaints arise swelling, pain, consult an orthopedic specialist to be evaluated and given treatment to prevent these problems.

But if you feel a complaint arises in the area of ​​the former hand fall, for example, pain, can not be moved or lose its function. You can also consult with an orthopedic specialist, then the doctor will examine you and provide an appropriate treatment for you.

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