Dengue Fever?

Illustration of Dengue Fever?
Illustration: Dengue Fever?

My doctor just came out of the hospital after 4 days being treated there due to dengue fever, my thrombocyte was still the last 162 I was discharged from the hospital, I wanted to ask why my body still feels floating with ears that sometimes buzzing like people want to pass out, is it because My trombosite is not normal, what should I do to get my body back to its normal condition? Thank you

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Hello isti,

Thank you for the question.

Normal platelet levels in adults can range from 150 thousand to 450 thousand cells per microliter of blood. Therefore, if it is true that you mentioned, where your platelet level is worth 162 thousand cells per microliter of blood, it means that your condition which has been suffering from dengue fever has actually recovered.

As for your complaints that feel like floating body accompanied by buzzing ears, it is most likely natural to occur because of the recovery process after illness. Your condition is a lot of lying down when sick, eating patterns that are often messy, vomiting, stress, accompanied by side effects of some types of drugs consumed, it can actually trigger complaints like this. If it's just mild intensity, you should not panic. Resolve your complaint by:

 Rest more Start starting to exercise a little according to your ability. Do not take medicine, other than what the doctor gives you. Eat a variety of nutritious foods. However, if you are still nauseous, do not consume spicy foods, bersantan, high fiber, oily, sour fruit, especially caffeinated drinks Avoid excessive exposure to noise Increase relaxation Many also drink If within 1-3 days your complaints do not improve, but quite the opposite, advice us, check yourself directly to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine. It is feared that your complaint occurs related to certain diseases, for example anemia, hypotension, hypoglycemia, impaired electrolyte balance, disorders of the inner ear, inflammation of the outer or middle ear, psychological disorders, etc. that require further treatment according to the cause.

Hope this helps ...

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