Dental Molars.?

Illustration of Dental Molars.?
Illustration: Dental Molars.?

Hi, I am 18 years old, my lower left molars have holes and now they shake and are very annoying when chewing food, and there are lumps under my jaw. Is it better to pull it off immediately if it shake? But I am afraid of infection if it still hurts and then pulls out.

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Hi Leni,

Thank you for asking

Poor dental hygiene with babies can cause cavities. This condition can also cause the gums and supporting tissues of the surrounding teeth to become inflamed, making the teeth even more vulnerable to shake. Not only that, holes in the teeth can also be an entry point for microorganisms that cause infections that can spread to other organs. Lumps in your lower jaw are most likely to come from swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy). This condition can occur due to the spread of inflammation or infection from your cavities.

Your condition should not be considered trivial. Check yourself directly to the nearest dentist so that it is followed up properly. Not always, the doctor will immediately pull out your cavities and shake the tooth. Before determining the best management, of course the doctor will first assess the condition of your teeth and mouth carefully. Furthermore, in addition to revocation, treatment can also be done by administering drugs, dental fillings, installation of dentures, or some other medical treatment. Discuss directly with the dentist who is examining you, regarding what actions need to be taken and when is the best time to do it.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions we can recommend for you:

Improve your teeth and mouth hygiene, i.e. by regularly brushing your teeth, cleaning between your teeth and tongue, and continuing by rinsing using salt solution
Do not shake teeth that are already rocking
Don't eat foods that are too hard, sticky, hot, or cold
Avoid stabbing cavities
If you feel pain, take the drug paracetamol to relieve it

Hope this helps ...

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