Dental Problems?

Illustration of Dental Problems?
Illustration: Dental Problems?

Good morning. NI have been wearing braces for over 4 years because I have 2 crooked teeth. And I’ve been taking it off for the past 2 days. My teeth are neat, should there be any other treatments to keep my teeth neat so they don’t turn back on? Like teeth trainer treatment, is it beneficial for me who has removed my braces?

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Hi Anjeli .. Thank you for the question given.

The use of braces is recommended for use, especially when the teeth grow uneven, not neat, the teeth are too loose. The goal is to be able to chew better, speak more clearly, and bite better. Teeth trainer is a tool made from silicone, its function can be as a minimal treatment for tooth alignment disorders and can also prevent irregular tooth rearrangement in the future. Retainers can be used at the end of dental treatment to stabilize the position of the bones, teeth, gums and prevent the teeth from returning to their original position. It can be used for a few hours a day and can be removed and reused. For use after removing the stirrup you can consult your dentist. And remember to use teeth trainers from dentists and under the supervision of dentists, avoid using teeth trainers that are purchased online or over-the-counter.
Besides that, keep your teeth and mouth clean, don't forget to check regularly to the dentist every 6 months, brush your teeth regularly.

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