Dentures For Toothless Teeth?

Illustration of Dentures For Toothless Teeth?
Illustration: Dentures For Toothless Teeth?

good afternoon, Caring for dental health ?? From all the tutorials that I read on ,, I still don’t understand how to install dentures for missing teeth / date. Please provide full information please …

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Hi Febry,

Thank you for the question.

Toothless teeth can not only interfere with appearance, but also make it difficult for sufferers when talking and chewing food. In toothless cracks, food scraps also often accumulate making it prone to triggering new dental problems (such as cavities, tartar, or bad breath). In the long run, the structure of the teeth and gums around the gap in the tooth that is missing can also experience a shift, decrease, or increase, so that the structure of your jaw will change.

Therefore, toothless teeth should not be left alone. In the medical realm, toothless tooth handling can be done in various ways, for example:

Removable dentures
In this procedure, the doctor will make dentures that can be removable put in the gum area using a special adhesive.
Installation of crown brigde
In this procedure, the tooth on the side of the toothless gap is eroded. Next, a denture was made with the right side of the tooth attached to the crown (crown) which would be installed on the eroded tooth.
Dental implant placement
In this procedure, a metal (usually a type of titanium) will be implanted into the jaw structure, then an artificial dental crown will be attached to it.

The choice of type of treatment for toothless teeth is ideally discussed directly with the dentist. Because, this should be adjusted to the condition of your teeth and mouth, cost, availability of facilities, and many other factors.

Hope this helps ...

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