Depressed Eyes Like Going Out?

Illustration of Depressed Eyes Like Going Out?
Illustration: Depressed Eyes Like Going Out?

Good night,. I want to ask when I blow my nose with my eye tissue, it feels like it’s depressed and it’s coming out. why is this?

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When a person sneezes or tries to blow his nose, there is an increase in pressure in the cavities of the head region, one of which is the area behind the eye that is depressed because there is a cavity as an exit air passage. In the condition of nasal congestion, people tend to try to blow their nose so that the airway is empty and not blocked. When blowing your nose, a person can also feel pressure around the head, nose area, and back of the eye.

When blowing your nose it is advisable to do so by not closing both nostrils from the outside. However, it can be done by closing the flow of air with a finger in one nostril from the outside when you try to blow your nose from the other hole, so that air pressure can come out through one of the nostrils and not return to the back of the eye or head.

If you experience a medical condition that causes nasal congestion such as nasal infections, sinus infections, foreign bodies in the nasal area, allergic rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, it is advisable to consult a doctor or ENT doctor regarding further examination and management regarding your condition. Treatment can be given such as antihistamines or decongestants as indicated.

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