Depression And Suicide Attempts?

Illustration of Depression And Suicide Attempts?
Illustration: Depression And Suicide Attempts?

please answer my question so this way I am depressed because I live in a lover who has been dating for 5 years added to poor family conditions and bad school and finally I’m depressed I try to kill myself using a knife but I’m still thinking about my end try overdosing with 4 times drinking 1. 1 bottle of mixed sprit 5 glasses of panther plus sleeping pills 2. 1 bottle of mixed sprit 3 bodrex pills 3. 1 bottle of mixed sprit 5 bodrek pills 4. 1 bottle of mixed sprit 10 bodrex pills and finally I tried the ones 4th I felt dizzy, lost balance, blurred vision, nausea, shortness of breath, and stomach pain. At first I felt it all. I wanted to add more bodrex mixed with sprit, but I was not strong enough to go to the stall and I went to the doctor to overcome what I felt. and I was given medicine by the doctor and I took the medicine and the pain disappeared but I was depressed because I thought why I didn’t just die eventually I knocked my stomach until it hurts, but still, the pain goes away and I knock my head against the wall because I want amnesia and forget all the events that I felt during my life but only for a short time because I thought I was paralyzed if I was paralyzed, I only suffered more. my life and I thought if I just stabbed a knife into my stomach and I thought again and I also wanted to buy depression medication but was afraid of not reacting eventually and finally I was afraid to be alone at home and in my own room because I was afraid of suicide and I really wanted amnesia because every time, every day, every time I always cry, get angry, hurt others and feel like I just want to die, I beg for your help to the doctor I just want amnesia and I want not to be depressed anymore and I want to forget the events that I felt in life if there is a drug so that I want to lose my memory gpp or injection so that I can lose my memory or I want anything to I am amnesia I beg for your help, doctor

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Hello Avie, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself that Doctor Rio will try to answer your question.

From complaints that have been conveyed, now you have a mental disorder called depression. Depression is a mental disorder characterized by mood disorders that feel depressed or lose interest in living and doing activities, resulting in a decrease in quality of life. Everyone can feel depressed, deep sadness, hopelessness, and so on. But normally this is only felt a few times / days and does not cause a sense of wanting to end his life.

This depression can occur due to several factors, namely:

 Have experienced events that have caused trauma (such as sexual violence, death, loss of loved ones, or financial problems). Family history / genetic disorders. Drug abuse. Experiencing chronic and severe diseases (cancer, stroke, HIV / AIDS, etc.). Taking certain medicines. Have certain personality types (such as low self-esteem, pessimistic, too dependent on others) There are also various symptoms of depression such as feeling hopeless, always feeling guilty, excessive anxiety, constant sadness, irritability and being sensitive, difficult to focus and concentration, easy to cry, withdraw from the environment, always feel weak, have no motivation for something, often arises the desire to hurt yourself, appetite disorders and sleep patterns, etc.

This depression can be treated, previously had to be further examined by a psychiatrist / psychiatrist. Treatment can be using drugs, psychological therapy, or other therapies. Right now what you can do is:

 Do more worship and get closer to God Expand to do positive activities Always think positive and avoid doing things that can harm yourself and others Adequate rest Consult a psychiatric doctor to be the best alternative for your complaints at this time. The sooner you consult, the fewer complications will arise from your current complaint. That's all for me, thank you.

I hope this helps :)

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