Depression And Withdrawal From Social Life Because Of Repeating The Final Task?

Illustration of Depression And Withdrawal From Social Life Because Of Repeating The Final Task?
Illustration: Depression And Withdrawal From Social Life Because Of Repeating The Final Task?

I have been severely depressed for almost 3 months now, the depression that I experienced is probably caused by my final work which must be repeated. I have tried to start again but I have difficulty focusing. For almost 3 months I isolated myself and withdrew from social life. I just experienced it now, but I feel I have had social disorders since I was a child. For some reason I have difficulty establishing good social ties with those around me. That resulted in me not having friends who were really close to me. During this time I was still able to control that feeling because I was close to my family, but after being away from my family and feeling the events that really dropped me, I felt alone and there was no place to tell stories, because I am a person who is indeed closed. What are the symptoms of mental / social illness that are attacking me now? I want to refocus on my final project, but my mind cannot be controlled properly. Thank you in advance.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at From your story, what we have captured is that now you feel down because your final project has to be repeated, and you suspect that your tendency to get worse has actually started with certain psychic disorders since childhood.

Your guess could be right, but let's simplify the condition by focusing on what you are experiencing now. Because it is not necessarily what used to be related, it is not even certain that what you experienced first was a disorder.

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by feelings of excessive sadness, regardless of whether there is an exact cause or not. This is because in depressed people, there is a chemical imbalance in the brain, so the sadness is very dominating and limiting daily activities even though there is no real cause of sadness. If left unchecked, even depression can lead to suicide.

The problem is that ordinary people too easily slip the word depression in everyday conversation so that it seems as if every deep sadness is depression. Though not the case. There are certain criteria and time frames that must be met to be able to diagnose someone with depression. If it is not fulfilled, maybe he is experiencing another mental disorder, just a personality disorder, or even not a disturbance at all.

So what we want to say is to find out what is really happening to you now, you must go through an examination first. We do not doubt that you are currently depressed or feeling down, but in the psychological world, what you feel can be broader than depression, and so is the treatment. Therefore, if it is not examined directly, it is feared that you will not get optimal handling.

Our advice, consult your problem with a psychiatrist. Your psychiatrist will later interview you, try to get to know who you are, and may ask you to do a written test to better know your tendencies. The treatment you will receive later depends on the results of this examination, whether you need medication, therapy, or both. If your condition is right now, then you can do the next consultation regarding your past and personality. Ask the psychiatrist whether it is indeed a sign of an abnormality or not, and if it is an abnormality, what is the treatment.

Meanwhile, understand that each person is tested. The test may vary, but believe the burden of thoughts and feelings they experience the same. You might find it easy to work on problems for grade 3 elementary school children, but for them, the questions are difficult and stressful. Then we cannot say that the third grade elementary school children did not experience stress. They continue to experience stress, but with their own problems. Based on the theory of psychoanalysis, even babies feel stress.

So just believe that what you are experiencing right now is your test, everyone experiences it in their own way and try to live it. Don't think why you have to go through this, but start thinking about what you can do to get it all done. Make small targets, think optimistically, respect yourself, and the next thing you know you'll be able to solve yourself. So, hopefully answering your question.

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