Depression In The Child’s Head After Hydrocephalus Surgery?

Illustration of Depression In The Child’s Head After Hydrocephalus Surgery?
Illustration: Depression In The Child’s Head After Hydrocephalus Surgery?

Hello, u0026nbsp; my child has surgery for hydrocephalus and the fluid has gone down and my son is getting dexterous, can I be normal and not rounded again?

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Hello Fitriya, thank you for your question to

Introduce me Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Hydrocephalus is a condition where there is accumulation of fluid in the brain cavity, which causes an increase in intracranial pressure. This condition is often experienced by infants, or children who cause a large head. However, this condition can be experienced by adults, causing dizziness that is very severe.

Some causes of this condition are:

The flow of brain fluid is blocked / blocked
Slow brain absorption, but fast production
Injury / disease in the brain.

The diagnosis is made clinically by the patient, supported by examinations such as CT scan or MRI to determine the location of the disorder.

Handling / treatment of hydrocephalus is by surgery. The usual surgical action is to install a shunt. The shunt is a tube used to drain brain fluid into other parts of the body. Shunts can be installed temporarily, or permanently. Therefore the need for regular and periodic control to the neurosurgeon to monitor the function of the shunt.

Regarding the dipok or hollows that occur in your child I do not know clearly about it. The need to know the location more specifically to estimate the cause. It might be a surgical procedure, a more prominent shunt tube, etc. Immediately ask the doctor who operated on your child so that the information that I gave did not occur.

Right now what you can do is:

Control regularly and periodically. If the shunt has an interruption, a repeat operation is likely. Therefore it is important to conduct periodic checks.
Take care of your child's head, don't knock or get injured.
Get enough rest, take care of your child's diet and drink.
Don't squeeze / massage your child's head, because it can cause an increase in intra-cranial pressure.

That's all my answer. Good luck always.

Thank you :)

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