Depression With Anxiety Disorders Do I Have Multiple Personalities?

My doctor from childhood had a severe and prolonged trauma, a kind of anxiety disorder until now still often like that. Experiencing depression sometimes I also often uncontrollable emotions and unconsciously, before I was unconscious emotions I was usually dizzy very heavy, then after that I just unconsciously knew I had felt tired and even though I felt I did not do anything. Am I staying in a dual personality like my friend said? Thank you

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Multiple personality (or also called dissociative disorder) is a mental disorder characterized by the emergence of different experiences and is not related between thoughts, memories, activities, identities, and environmental conditions. This condition can appear in a variety of clinical manifestations. But often, sufferers will often lose their memories, feel not to be themselves, feel the environment and people around are not real, experience mental disorders (such as depression, excessive anxiety, until the desire to commit suicide), to interfere with interpersonal activities and relationships.

The condition that you are experiencing right now does not necessarily refer to multiple personalities. It may be that the complaints that you experience naturally occur as a natural attitude mechanism for certain tests that are being faced, for example when they have lost loved ones, have problems with work or education, experience conflicts in the household, not achieving their goals, and so on. Other mental disorders can also underlie your complaints, for example bipolar disorder, depression, schizoaffective disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, malingering, schizophrenia, delusional disorders, psychiatric disorders related to alcohol or drugs, and so on.

An in-depth psychiatric interview is needed to distinguish whether your condition is reasonable or whether it is already a mental disorder. Therefore, before thinking about things, you should first check with your doctor or the nearest psychiatrist specialist. Depending on the cause, later the doctor can provide you with a variety of treatments, for example with drugs, psychotherapy, counseling, and so on. .

What you need to live at this time:

Try to be yourself, be proud of yourself, continue to explore your potential in order to be a proud achievement
Don't confine yourself too much, expand your relationships, get to know different types of people, and socialize with them
Choose a good social environment, which supports you to become a better person
Make peace with your past, especially if you have bad wear in the past
Cultivate positive thinking, towards yourself, others, and also God
Do productive things in your daily life, including by exercising a lot, honing hobbies, worshiping, organizing
Stay away from cigarettes, drugs and alcohol

Hope this helps ...

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