Dermatitis And Pain Located In The Armpits And Breasts?


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Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by an allergic reaction or irritation in the area. Complaints of patients with dermatitis can be sore, itchy, reddish, moist skin inflammation in the pond area, or accompanied by swelling. Complications that can occur in the case of dermatitis are infection, blackened inflammatory scars, swollen lymph nodes or scarring, but these complications are uncertain, depending on the condition of each patient.
Several types of dermatitis are often found, such as:
1. contact dermatitis
2. numuar dermatitis
3. atopic dermatitis
4. static dermatitis
Regarding your question,
1. dermatitis is not transmitted to healthy individuals
2. There is no dietary restrictions on dermatitis patients, unless the patient has a history of certain allergies, so these patients must avoid foods that cause allergies to prevent complaints of itching that are increasingly disturbing. If there is no history of allergies, there is no taboo for dermatitis patients
3. The lump that you feel may be an inflammation of the lymph nodes that may arise because of the process of inflammation of the skin or dermatitis. This swelling is the body's immune response to skin diseases that you feel, so that after complaints of skin improve, these lumps can disappear as before. However, if within 1 week after your skin disease improves, but the lump has not diminished or has not yet disappeared, you can consult with your doctor or an oncologist surgeon, so that the doctor can determine whether due to inflammation of the lymph nodes, or some other condition, such as an abscess, or an oil gland cyst on the skin
4. The presence of a bump in the armpit, does not mean you have a tumor that leads to cancer, especially if there is no clinical evidence that says this lump is a cancer. So the steps you can take are in accordance with answer number 3.
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