Descended Breed Traits?

Illustration of Descended Breed Traits?
Illustration: Descended Breed Traits?

Good afternoon. I want to ask if a woman who is not married is a cross breed, and what are their characteristics. Does a pubic fat indicate a descending cross even though it is not at all aching or painful. Thank you😁

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Hi Oktarina,

A descended cross is a term used for a condition in which the uterus drops even to the point of protruding into the vagina.

This is generally caused by a condition in which the basic muscles and connective tissue of the pelvis weaken and stretch so that they cannot properly support the uterus. This is found in several conditions, namely: Obstetrician.

So, hope it helps.

Post menopause, old age
Post-normal birth
Pressure from the stomach, for example: obesity, chronic cough, fluid in the stomach, tumors of the stomach and pelvis, straining.
Lifting heavy weights

Of course, even though you are not married, this condition can also happen to every woman.

A chubby pubescence is not a sign of a woman's descent. Some of the common symptoms are:

the pelvic cavity feels full
lower back pain
felt something coming out of the vagina
urinary disorders
uncomfortable walking
interference during sexual intercourse
vaginal bleeding

If you have the disorders mentioned above, or are in doubt about your condition, please have it checked by a gynecologist. You can find a gynecologist in your area via the following link:

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