Determination Of Gestational Age Via Ultrasound?

Illustration of Determination Of Gestational Age Via Ultrasound?
Illustration: Determination Of Gestational Age Via Ultrasound?

,I want to ask. Currently, my gestational age is 35W, but the results are still 32W twice, while the midwife who helped me with ultrasound, the fetus is fine, whether it’s heart, amniotic, placenta, etc … why can something like this happen? I’m worried, thank you

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Hello Mrs. Risha! Thank you for asking at Congratulations on the pregnancy.

Determination of gestational age using ultrasound in the third trimester is often inaccurate. To get accurate results, determination of gestational age should be done by ultrasound examination in the first trimester. Ultrasound examination by midwives also cannot be ascertained that it is appropriate because midwives are not competent to do this. There could be disturbances that the midwife could not detect on the ultrasound examination. Determination of gestational age can also be less accurate. Pregnancy ultrasound examination should be done by a gynecologist. The obstetrician will check the state of the pregnancy and the fetus. The doctor will also estimate whether there is a possibility of complications during labor later, so that labor can be better prepared. If the doctor states that the pregnancy is normal and safe, the mother may choose to give birth in a midwife. It is better if you come to check the condition of your pregnancy to your obstetrician, especially since your pregnancy has entered the 3rd trimester. Ultrasound examination by a gynecologist in the 3rd trimester is very important so that the delivery process can run safely.

That is the explanation from me. Hopefully this is useful and I hope your pregnancy will run smoothly until delivery later.


dr. Selvi

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