Determination Of The Due Date Of Birth?

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, I want to ask, I forgot my HPHT, every ultrasound the HPL always changes. His last ultrasound was on 3 February. but the first HPL ultrasound was around February 26 2018, my HPHT was around the 2nd or 3rd week of May 2017. How old do you think I was? give birth to.

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The most accurate determination of the due date of birth is by using a first trimester ultrasound. Determining gestational age and HPL from ultrasound can indeed give different results because ultrasound is an examination that is very dependent on the operator (the person doing the ultrasound). Slight differences in measurements from ultrasound can give different HPL results. Therefore the HPL is only an estimate and not an exact date. In fact, only about 5% of babies are born on their due date.

If your HPHT is in the second or third week of May, then your pregnancy is roughly between 37-39 weeks. In the meantime, you should not worry too much about the absence of signs of labor. The most important thing you need to do is check regularly with your gynecologist. If you have entered the age of 41 weeks and you have not yet felt the signs of labor, your doctor will plan to do the following examinations:

Non-stress test for babies to monitor the baby's heart rate at any time. Biophysical profile ultrasound to monitor baby's heart rate, baby's movements, breath movements, baby's muscle tone, and volume of amniotic fluid

When you are 41 weeks pregnant, you may still be given the option of waiting for a normal delivery to occur if your condition and that of your baby allows, although doctors usually do not recommend this because of the many risks that may occur in a post-term pregnancy. If after 41 weeks there are still no signs of labor, or if the above examinations reveal that the condition of the mother and baby does not allow the pregnancy to continue, the doctor will recommend induction of labor. Cesarean section (SC) will be performed if conditions do not allow to wait for normal delivery to occur or induction also cannot be done.

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