Dettol And Alcohol?

Illustration of Dettol And Alcohol?
Illustration: Dettol And Alcohol?

I got info from social media, if dettol mixed with alcohol can be used as a disinfectant, correct or not huh? If it’s possible, how good is the measure? Thank you

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Good night.

Associated with disinfectants commonly used are materials with the following contents, i.e.

minimal alcohol with 70% content
hydrogen peroxide 3%

Where it can be contained in various brands of products so the most important thing is to see whether the product has that content, if there is actually a good enough product to be used as a disinfectant. Related to making disinfectants the best is in accordance with WHO standards it can be seen in the following article.

The real thing is quite simple and can be used anywhere is

wash your hands with clean water
soap can be used anything
step washing hands properly and about 30 seconds
wipe all parts of the hand

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